On the right side of the page, you can see some resources I’ve listed for people who want to learn more about these ideas. Please understand that these are resources only. I don’t endorse every idea on every single one of those links. So please don’t ask me a bunch of questions requiring me to defend everything you read on one of those links. If you want to know my own thoughts, read this blog and ask me questions in the comments that are relevant to my own statements.

Neverthless, I’ve found interesting and useful materials in all the listed sites, and that’s why I include them here and on the sidebar. On this page, you can find the same links, plus a bit of commentary on each one provided by yours truly.


Your Brain on Porn: As of today, the single best resource about porn and masturbation. A lot of what I claim on this blog has yet to be proven, or even investigated, by modern science. But a lot of it has been backed up by some pretty impressive science. Your Brain on Porn has all the links that can show you what’s been proven, plus a ton of other resources. Be sure to watch the video series if you’re serious about this. Plus there are reams and reams of personal testimonials that you will find very compelling. If you only click on one of these links, save up some time, click on this one, and prepare to have your mind altered.

Stages of Gong Fu Transformation: This is a 189 page-long pdf document about the interrelation of jing, qi, and shen. Frankly, it’s rather repetitive and not very well-written. However, it’s the single best reference I’ve ever encountered for men who are interested in the relationship between sexuality and spirituality. I’m amazed that no one else is talking about this document. It’s the best document out there for men. I’ve read this document over several times, and have followed up on many of the main references cited. Read this document over at least once; ideally a few times. For people who only believe in brain chemicals, Your Brain on Porn is the best site. For people who believe in metaphysics, Stages of Gong Fu Transformation is the best resource available. I can’t stress this highly enough. These two sites will teach you all you need to know.

The NoFap Reddit: A Reddit community for men (and women) who are serious about quitting masturbation. If you have a vague feeling that you masturbate too much, I implore you to check out this community. Please keep in mind that it’s Reddit. The people who post there don’t necessarily have any wisdom or perspective. They’re just regular people doing the best they can. There are atheists, Christians, Hindus, agnostics, and others. If you’re serious, you will read deeply at that site. Don’t let a couple of overtly Christian (or Hindu, or atheist) posts dissuade you from reading deeply there. If you are interested in these ideas, no matter what your beliefs, NoFap is an excellent resource. Very practical, supportive, and frankly, revolutionary.

Top NoFap Posts: Self-explanatory. The best of NoFap.

Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow: Marnia Robinson’s revolutionary book about orgasms, relationships, and happiness. If you haven’t read this book, you’re not an expert yet. This book is focused on the chemical reactions that happen in your brain post-orgasm. You don’t have to agree with everything Robinson says (I don’t) to get a ton out of her book. A great blend of modern science and ancient wisdom.

Free chapter: If you’re curious about Marnia Robinson’s ideas, you can read a free chapter of her book here.

The Great Porn Experiment (TED talk): Interesting TED talk about porn and modern men.

Dhananjay on Celibacy: Jing cultivation from an Indian perspective. Dhananjay recommends a rather severe version of celibacy (for example, don’t even look at girls), but even if that’s too much for you, Dhananjay offers a lot of wisdom about how to cultivate your natural sexual desires and transmute them into spiritual mastery. Advanced shit.

Xsplat’s blog: A real-life example of someone who simultaneously understands “game” and loving energy (qi, shen, etc). I can’t recommend Xsplat’s blog highly enough. Keep in mind that this link only goes to his front page (most recent posts). Xsplat talks about whatever’s on his mind (it’s a blog, duh). If you’re seriously interested in these ideas, or if something that Xsplat says piques your interest, I recommend you go back in the archives and read for a while before you judge him. It’s excellent stuff. Sex and love can go hand in hand, and no, believing so does not make you a “beta.” Best blog in the “manosphere,” bar none.


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