Personal Radiance

Men who cultivate the jing in a conscious way become physically more radiant.

Does this sound far-fetched? First of all, let’s establish that the idea of “personal glow” is one that people already accept, without really thinking about it. It’s in our language, going way back to the Proto-Indo-European roots of English; and it’s very deeply embedded in our culture.

We say that a couples that have just fallen in love have “that glow.” Or that a woman who’s getting properly sexed at home “has a glow about her.” When someone gets good news, he’s “positively glowing,” we say. A happy bride on her wedding day is called “radiant.”

You can tell when someone is full of radiant energy, even when he is sitting still (i.e. the clues don’t just come from how energetically his body moves). This is all non-controversial, hopefully. Ever run into a friend who used to smoke and drink too much who had recently cleaned up his act? You can just tell he’s healthier without always being able to put your finger on it.

Many of the aspects of personal radiance are obvious, however, and they’re right on the surface. Healthier-looking skin is one of them. A radiant person has a healthier color in his face, but there’s often also a bright glow to it. Different than shininess or oiliness, this glowing skin is hard to define but nevertheless unmistakeable. Another aspect is livelier eyes, eyes that seem brighter. Whether a person has light-colored eyes or dark-colored eyes, when that person has “the glow” it’s almost as if the surrounding light were reflecting more brightly off the surface of the iris, giving the eyes a shining appearance.

Beyond the physical, there is a bright aura that surrounds “shining people.” At the times when I’ve been most steadily energetic and focused, I’ve been able to see fleeting glimpses of white shining light above the heads of particularly brilliant people (mostly women, but a few men as well). The light appears like rays, emanating from space a few inches above the crown. The “empty” air between the head and where the white rays begin appears almost like a vacuum to me, but in a positive way. Obviously it’s a hard thing to describe if you’ve not seen it. I also presume that everyone who can see such things sees them a bit differently (though maybe not; I don’t know actually).

The concept of auras is easy to laugh at (I used to laugh at it too until I experienced it), but it goes way, way back. Where do you think the concept of a halo comes from?

In Christian art, halos denote saints and holy figures.

Saint_Philomena_Living_Rosary_00022 raphael-santi-european-master-painter-saint-sebastian christsinai1

The idea is that someone particularly saintly gives off an actual glow that is visible. This may be an artistic convention, but it did not come about by sheer chance.

I’ll write more in the future about the Christian tradition of celibacy and continence. It really deserves its own post (because it’s been grossly misunderstood in the last 50 years or so; and no, I’m not a Christian but yes, I am somebody who gets annoyed with gross misunderstandings of noble traditions). For now, I’ll just note that the concept of sexual chastity as a component of spiritual accomplishment goes way, way back in the Christian church, all the way back to its pre-Christian roots in Mithraism, Platonism, etc. The radiance that pours off of the Christian saints in paintings is just a little hint of what was really going on.

Of course, the Christians didn’t invent halos. They just observed them and put their own, Jesus-believing spin on them. Westerners are most familiar with the Christian version of the halo. But check these out.

Egyptian (the halos denote gods):

sekhmet horus

Roman (emperors gave themselves god-halos on their own coins):


Chinese (some Daoist saints who were definitely cultivating the jing!):


Hindu and Buddhist icons (from India and elsewhere, but based in the same original Vedic philosophy):

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA images hindu-gods-kali StandingBuddhaWithHalo1

And finally, some modern interpretations/mashups:

005.148150630tumblr_lqzpz2Z5qb1qan3aro1_500 aura-chakra article-1304709-0ADBE2E0000005DC-472_306x291

I’ll also add that many poetic and religious written sources reference the radiance and glow of the “best” characters in the book. For example, Achilles is the mightiest warrior in the Iliad, and he is constantly described as “radiant Achilles,” “bright Achilles,” “shining Achilles,” and his hair is always called “fiery” (and not just for color but for its glowing quality), and his armor and helmet are always “gleaming”, and he’s described as a burning meteor or shooting star shining brightly as he hurtles across the fields of Troy spilling bodies left and right.

How to Get a Halo

In Chinese form-based metaphysics — Daoism, essentially — the body contains three kinds of vital energy, each more subtle than the one before. The grossest energy is the jing. Jing is not exactly the same thing as semen, but when you lose semen, you lose jing. Women have jing too, so you can see it’s not the same thing as semen. But Jing is related to the physcial vitality of the gross body (blood, bones, skin, muscles, organs, etc). It contains within it the essence of more life, i.e. reproduction — hence the relationship between jing and both the semen (in men) and the menses (in women). If you want a shorthand for what the jing is, just call it the semen plus the basic hormones produced in the pituitary and hypothalamus: the most subtle and potent distillations that your body can create.

Jing that “builds up” over time is transmuted into qi. Qi (or “ch’i” or “chi” or even “ki” in some transliterations of the Chinese) is the most famous of these three energies, and though it’s difficult to translate, “life force” is a pretty good approximation.

[I put “builds up” in quotes in reference to the jing, because I really hate the totally incorrect idea we have in the West that if you don’t release your semen, it builds up like water behind a dam and sooner or later the dam will burst. This is the “hydraulic model” of sex popularized by the Freudians, and it’s horribly inaccurate and has caused a lot of retardedness in the last 100 years.]

“Cultivate” is a better term for what happens when you store the jing and it transmutes into qi. All living beings have qi flowing through their bodies at all times. The more qi you have, and the more “full” and flowing that qi is, the more life is in you. Without qi, you’d be paralyzed. Qi is the difference between a dead body and a living one. There are many ways to cultivate you qi, but one of the most straightforward ways is by cultivating the jing and transmuting it into qi.

You have to cultivate. It’s not enough to just grit your teeth and “NoFap”. It’s also not going to work if you are fucking girls and pinching it off and giving yourself blue balls. That’s just non-jizzing on a technicality. If you do that, you’re going to cause yourself a lot of pain and frustration, with nothing good to show for it. The reason some people think NoFap is insane is because they use the teeth-gritting method, which is insane.

Cultivating can mean different things, but most people (including myself) say it basically means meditation. With body-centered meditation (I practice breath-centered vipassana meditation), your subtle mind gradually works through the kinks in your body energy. I have lots more to say on this — lots more. But for now, that’s the basic idea. Refrain from jizzing and practice steady meditation to transform the body fluid energy into life force in your body. This is something anyone can do. Within a very few days you will start to notice some amazing results.

With real dedication (which I’ve only applied a few times in my life), you can turn the jing into qi and then the qi into shen. Shen is the most subtle energy of all that still centers in the body (anything more subtle than shen would have to be pure bodiless, self-less void or maybe God or nirvana or whatever… I haven’t got that far yet). Shen is essentially spiritual energy. Jing is the body essence, qi is the life force, shen is the force of the spirit or soul. Those saints with halos, those Buddhas with glowing heads — they are radiating shen into the world.

Shen is not totally beyond the senses. It accounts for that strange calming and gladdening effect that good people have. But basically it’s invisible to most people most of the time. Two people with radiant shen can often recognize each other, however, such as when I was most dedicated to my practice and began to see radiance above the heads of a select few others.

[Incidentally, just as you can “do stuff” with jing (make babies, mostly), and you can “do stuff” with qi (direct your body energy in martial arts or sex, for example), you can also “do stuff” with shen. The stuff you can do with shen is pretty fucking cool — most of it falls under stuff that’s considered impossible, but actually isn’t, such as subtle reading of others thoughts, subtle telepathy (getting people to think of you), mind/body projection, etc; other shen-stuff that’s not as controversial is still pretty awesome, like lucid dreaming and synaesthetic senses.]

Young people are overflowing with jing, and therefore they are overflowing with qi. We see this in the natural radiance, goofiness, exuberance, tight skin, bright eyes, healthy hair, nice smell and enlivening presence of young people. The ones who are “touched” or saintly or otherwise “special” can sometimes have overwhelming shen, too, but this is rare, and such kids and youth often come across as slightly alien or otherworldly.

As people grow older, their total store of jing goes down (no matter what), but qi and shen can actually increase if you cultivate correctly. An old person with full qi can move around and project force much better than a young person in some cases — think of the example of the 55-year-old gong fu master blowing over a strong 25-year-old man with a single tap to the chest. That’s qi.

And the old person with glowing shen is of course a very old theme — the wise old king, the radiant grandmother working in her garden, the magical hermit living in the forest. Many very old people give off incredible radiance and glow even though their skin is saggy and their bodies are weak. That’s shen.

[I cringe to imagine what the next generation of old people will look like. There have always been some old people in every generation who have no vitality, no shen, of course, but the next couple of generations are going to be 99% lifeless, grey, and dull, because nobody believes in cultivating the spirit anymore, and hardly anyone has even considered the sexual component of health and vitality, let alone has the balls (heh) to go through with it. Our future wise men will be weak-souled idiots, our future grandmothers vapid and dull narcissists.]

The good news is that you don’t have to be a holy-roller saint or an awakened buddha to increase your qi or your shen. Retaining the jing and meditating will naturally increase your shen somewhat. So even if you aren’t interested in giving off auras — if, for example, you think that’s all a bunch of hooey — you can still make yourself more radiant and attractive just by retaining the jing (NoFap) and practicing a bit of love- or concentration-based breath meditation (or both). Try 15 minutes a day to start.

Even if you don’t believe in auras, I guarantee you that if you cultivate the jing for just 15 days, you will get people looking at you funny and smiling and saying things like, “You seem different… did you get taller?” And people — yes, that includes hot girls — will just want to be around you more. If you have the discipline to maintain this for 30 days or more, you will be astonished at the results.

I’ve recently (a couple weeks ago) been not following my own principles, though I am back to practicing them again over the last several days. Part of my motivation in writing this post is to spell out for myself once again what I believe and what I’ve learned in the past. Practicing these principles is quite easy once you’re in the proper mindset. But when you fall out of the mindset, the daily grind and the constant desire for sex can make you forget how awesome it used to feel when you dominated your own sexual instinct instead of the other way around. So good luck to you, and good luck to me.

EDIT: Follow-up just for fun.

tumblr_mnw23aMDeB1qifk07o1_500 (h/t: White Innovations)

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Why You Should Jack Off

Interesting counterpoints from LaidNYC.

New post in the works: Personal radiance.

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Your Seed is Gold

Really good stuff. Reblogged.

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Clicks and Pops: Due to Masturbation

If you stop masturbating, you will quickly find your body to be more nimble, fluid, and flexible. This is one of the fastest results you can get from refraining from masturbation, and when you try out “retention of the jing” for a few days, you will find this to be true. And though it’s a relatively minor thing, it’s the kind of small thing that can give you motivation to try a longer period of jing retention, just to see if some of the more extravagant claims are true.

The body is more-or-less fluid when stretching, when moving after a long period of stillness, upon waking, after eating, and in other similar situations. Even after a long period of physical exertion, such as after a football game or 10k race or just dancing for a couple of hours, our bodies can show differing degrees of flexibility.

Weight lifting, proper diet, and yes, stretching (like yoga) can improve the flexibility of your joints, tendons and muscles. But another very surprising factor is the degree to which you lose the jing.

There are varying degrees at play here. Flexibility and nimbleness is not an on/off switch. The subtlety of the body is why most men do not notice the slow changes. If you are a young man (say, 21) and you are physically active, you will not notice a strong difference in flexibility from one day to the next, regardless of whether you spill the jing or not.

Young men in their late teens and early twenties may not notice a difference, though some may. Personally, I’ve always had a minor little click in the big toe of my right foot, for as long as I can remember. Even now, as I type this, I can point my right foot sharply and then raise my toes to produce a small, audible click in my right big toe. I’ve never had any pains or problems in my feet, left or right, even when I was at my most athletically active. When I retain the jing and meditate, this click doesn’t go away. But neither does it ever really interfere with my overall comfort or flexibility.

At the other extreme end, picture an elderly man who needs help standing and sitting. You can sense a certain dryness in his motions, and on occasion you can even hear his bones cracking as he performs very simple, normal motions such as sitting and standing and walking. Even old men with relatively large muscles remaining can be suscept to such dryness in the joints.

Let’s look at a man between youth and old-age, such as myself. I’m in my mid-thirties. I’m certainly not a teenager anymore, but I’m not old by any means. When I retain the jing and meditate, I find that, very quickly (within a few days), I am much more spry and flexible.

I am old enough that I get stiffness in my lower back, my shoulders, my knees, and even my face. (The face will get its own dedicated post.) When I am living what’s considered a “normal” life these days — ejaculating a few times a week, whether through masturbation or with a woman — these minor annoyances seem to crop up more and more.

Contrast that with the times that I retain the jing — times that I refrain from masturbation when not getting laid, and even refrain from coming with the women I fuck when I am getting laid. Very quickly, I find that my spine becomes more fluid. I sit taller and stand taller without trying. It’s like my shoulders just hang more loosely (even though I lift a lot and my shoulders are pretty well-muscled). My lower back is free and comfortable; I don’t even think about my lower back at all, I just move.

My tiny little right-toe click seems to never go away, but I have other “clicks” that I have come to know well. One is in my left hip flexor. Upon standing up from a supine position (laying on the couch), my left hip socket pops quite noticeably. Though it’s not audible to others, I can feel and “hear” it very clearly. Likewise, I’m a big believer in strong posture, and when I work at my computer for long periods (on my Swopper chair), I sometimes remind myself to sit up straight and pull my shoulders back. If I have been retaining the jing and meditating, I feel a pleasant pull in the muscles of the shoulders, neck and upper back. If I have been coming a lot recently, upon performing the same motion my collarbone, sternum and neck bones will crack. The crack is actually kind of pleasant, but it’s not as pleasant as the mild muscle-stretching feeling I get when I’ve been “celibate.”

The jing (in rough, inaccurate, and vulgar terms: the semen) is much stronger and vital in a man the younger he is. Once puberty is fully completed, the jing is as full as it will ever get. A young man can masturbate 5 times in 30 hours and still have relatively full jing. The older you get, the lower your overall jing level becomes. Once you pass your mid-to-late twenties, you can no longer ejaculate constantly and expect to not feel any adverse effects.

The good news, for guys my age anyway, is that you can quickly recover lost youth by retaining the jing. As I said, just five days or so of jing-retention is enough to make my hip-pop and torso-cracks go away. With two weeks or more of abstinence, at my age, my body feels as supple and flexible as it did when I was 21. The difference is that 21-year-old me was supple no matter what. 30-something me must retain the jing if I want to move like a young man.

These things are variable, but still linear. The older you get, the less jing you will naturally generate long term. But on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis, you can make your body much more supple and fluid by retaining the jing and meditating. So that a 52-year-old with a long history of careful retention and meditation can be more vibrant and supple than a 29-year-old who masturbates two or three times a day.

If you are very young, this particular benefit of retaining the jing won’t help you much — now. But regardless of your age (even if you are 17), you will benefit in your older years if you practice discipline now. And if you are already at the age that the natural jing has begun to slowly decline from its post-pubescent peak (like me, in my mid-30’s), you can get a very rapid increase in your overall flexibility and suppleness from just a few days of jing retention.

If you want to be springy, spry, energetic, and flexible, long-term, the best thing you can do is not ejaculate. It’s also important to build your musculature and associated muscular ligaments through weight training. A diet with a good balance of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fats is very important too (almost all Western people need more Omega-3 and less Omega-6 in their diet, but that doesn’t mean that Omega-3 is “better”, it just means that almost certainly you need more of that one and less of Omega-6 — even those of us with an accute awareness of this typical imbalance have a hard time getting enough Omega-3). Yoga, stretching, and qi-gong will also make you a lot more flexible overall.

But if you deny the body its natural lubricant — the jing — your body will inevitably become dry and brittle, and you will crack like broken autumn leaves far before your time.

Your jing — your semen — contains the most natural lubricant your body can make. The more it builds up in your system, the more your system will run smoothly and beautifully. Every time you ejaculate, it’s like puncturing the oil pan of your car for a moment and letting some of the oil leak out. If your car is new and has barely any miles on it, you can keep driving for a long time and barely notice the difference — though eventually that shit is going to seize up and break down. And if you’re over 26 or 27 and have been ejaculating constantly your whole life, you’re already driving a car with 100,000 miles on it. Every time you de-lubricate the engine, you are causing serious damage to the engine.

The good news is that no matter how old you are, you can fix the leak and put fresh oil in your car simply by retaining the jing. The older you are, the more you have jacked off, the more miles on you car: the further you are away from youthful spryness. But those high-mileage engines are exactly the ones that will rebound the strongest from the infusion of oil that comes from retention of the jing (and meditation).

If you are in your late 20’s, in your 30’s, or in your early 40’s, just five or six days of jing-retention will give you amazing results in flexibilty and disappearance of “cracks” and “pops.” Many of the good results you can get from jing retention take several weeks or months, but this one can be enjoyed in less than a week, and feeling the benefits that result just might spark the curiosity and courage it will take to try a longer period. You certainly will not regret the trial; I guarantee that much.

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Long Email About Masculinity

This is a long letter I wrote to a friend. Those of you who already understand male-female dynamics will already know all of this. But I thought it would be good to put these thoughts all in one place. I have much more I could say about this, especially the metaphysics of masculinity and femininity, but it’s long enough as it is
Buddy wrote:
Hi Dogen, 
Do you have any articles on masculinity? My friend recently said he believes gender is completely a social construct and I’m not totally sure I agree, but I don’t have the resources to back myself up. Buddy.

Dear Buddy

There are two distinct issues to separate out when explaining the real existence of masculinity and femininity to someone who disbelieves in them. One is the actual facts; the other is the psychological/social reasons that the person holds these opinions. The facts are very straightforward and rather easy to comprehend; but most people have never even heard about them, and worse, many people are afraid to even hear about them — they even get enraged if you try to explain the facts, because they are afraid that acknowledging such facts will lead to sexism and repression, and they will often question the motives of a person who is interested in these topics. They assume there’s something evil about a person who wants to explore along these lines, and they subconsciously feel that they themselves will become evil if they allow themselves to think about them. I speak from personal experience. I’m not suggesting your friend will necessarily react this way, of course, but it’s a pretty common response. Even those that remain calm upon hearing these things will usually try and change the subject when it gets “uncomfortable.”

The ironic thing is that it shouldn’t be “uncomfortable.” It’s simply life as it is; it’s simply genetics. There’s nothing “evil” about the fact that men and women are fundamentally different. To suggest that there is something wrong with it is as absurd as to claim that plate tectonics is wrong because we don’t like volcano eruptions, and that therefore anyone who studies plate tectonics must be an evil, pro-volcano villain. Continue reading

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Overview of the Benefits of Not Masturbating

Check out an even better, more extended version of this post at The Forge Within.

Here are some of the benefits a man can expect from abstaining from masturbation. In upcoming posts I will try to explain as many of these as possible. For some of them, I simply don’t have enough information. Others of them, I remain skeptical about. In general, I think these assertions are true.

There are four classes of sources that I am basing this list off of:

  1. My personal experiences and observations
  2. Contemporary accounts of men who have quit masturbating, or who are trying to do so, or who have struggled with it
  3. Nascent, still inadequate, scientific studies that have been done on this topic
  4. Ancient/traditional philosophical and religious thought

Here are the benefits of refraining from masturbation that I have seen claimed by the sources, including some that I can attest to myself:

  • Increased sex drive
  • More attention from women
  • Better focus
  • Better memory
  • A general feeling of happiness
  • A feeling of being “young again,” and a related child-like wonder at the world
  • Stronger, more flexible, and more resilient bones and tendons, especially in the knees and lower back
  • Greater ability to “push it” in the gym (when lifting weights, for example) or in athletic competition
  • Stronger eye-contact
  • A shining quality in the eyes, both as observed in the mirror and as commented on by others
  • Healthier, more lustrous skin
  • Healthier, more lustrous hair
  • Cessation of hair-loss; actual regrowth of lost hair
  • A more pleasant body odor
  • Stronger, more frequent erections
  • Better overall confidence
  • Cessation of social anxiety
  • Increased discipline to handle other bad habits, like smoking or drinking too much
  • Better sex
  • Overall, a bright and generous personal aura that others notice and comment on

Some of these claims apply mostly to people with longstanding and frequent masturbation habits and are also relatively non-controversial. For example, a man in his thirties who has been masturbating daily for more than 15 years will almost certainly get thicker, harder, longer, stronger erections if he abstains from masturbation long enough to get past the “flat line” stage (7 to 14 days for most guys). I assert that benefit without reservation, and I invite anyone out there to prove me wrong. It’s quite simply factual.

Other claims are anecdotally true, and I believe proper scientific study could prove them. The problem is that almost no one is actually studying this, or has ever studied it (scientifically). There is a huge mental gap out there in most rationally-minded people. We believe that science can and should give us all the answers. But the dangerous corollary is the idea that if something hasn’t been proven scientifically, it’s therefore just a bunch of New Age junk. Because of the taboos around this subject, and because of an apparent lack of funding and interest, no one has ever actually studied these claims scientifically.

To disbelieve in the possibility that these claims could be true simply because no study has every proven them true, is to ignore that no study has ever disproven them either. The studies have never been done! Gravity existed before we had a theory of gravity. Photosynthesis existed before we had studied photosynthesis. Just because something hasn’t been studied doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Examples of things from this list that I believe to be true but which can’t be claimed scientifically (yet) include many of them, especially: decreased social anxiety, better skin, more healthy hair, increased sex drive, and better focus and memory.

The next class are things that we may never be able to prove definitively, but which I nonetheless believe to be true based on first-hand accounts and on testimony from other men. These include some rather subjective physical characteristics, like shining eyes, more pleasant smell, and stronger eye contact. They also include some extremely ineffable things, like a feeling of being young again, increased confidence, a happy or generous personal aura, and increased discipline in other areas of life (addictions, procrastination, etc).

Finally there is the class of physical benefits which seem kind of “out there.” This includes the decrease or even the reversal of hair loss, and healthier ligaments and bones (especially in the back and knees). From what I know of how scientific studies are done, I believe it would be technically possible to definitively prove these claims one way or the other, but I don’t expect to see such proof (positive or negative) in my lifetime. Such phenomena are intrinsically extremely complicated, and there simply isn’t the demand out there, nor the resources, to study this thoroughly. Think of how many people die from heart disease, and all the dollars that go into researching heart disease, and there is still a ton of debate about its causes, effects, and treatment. The effects of masturbating on the lower back are probably never going to get studied once, let alone the hundreds of times it would take to make a definitive and final declaration.

I’ll still venture this, as a layman: I actually believe the claims about the knees and lower back are true. I am extremely skeptical about the hair-growth claims. However, even regarding the latter, I think it’s within the realm of possibility. I’d be highly interested to see some study on this, but I am not holding my breath.

So there you have it. Those are the claims that ancient sages, modern laymen, modern scientists, and your humble blogger have made about the benefits of not masturbating. Either all these things are true, or none of them are, or some of them are. There are no other possibilities. If you think you already know that none of them are even possible, well then, you are privy to some science that I’m unaware of. If you think that some of them are true, or some of them are possibly true in certain circumstances, I invite you to keep reading.

Don’t forget to check out the new ground zero for information like this: The Forge Within

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If You Are a Strict Materialist, Do Not Read This Blog: A Mini-Manifesto

As I continue to talk about sex, manliness, game, and life on this blog, I am going to use some terms that are problematic for a lot of readers. Simply put, I believe in metaphysical reality, by which I mean I believe that there are aspects to human life that cannot be measured by current science but which are nonetheless completely real and which greatly and deeply influence everyday life.

In practice, and in most of my posts, these will be relatively non-controversial assertions; such as the assertion that when you have eaten and slept well, when you haven’t ejaculated in a long time, and when you have done some sort of practice to center your mind (deep reading, prayer, meditation, etc), you will feel happier and more energetic and people will actually notice this and comment on it. As I say, this particular assertion is not very controversial. Almost everyone reading this will have a personal reference to see why at least some of it is true.

But what I plan to assert is something that will rub strict materialists the wrong way: I plan to assert that the reason people comment on your “good vibe” when you’re well-rested, well-fed, and continent sexually is because you are actually projecting more positive psychic and spiritual energy into the world as a result of your sane actions (sane in the old sense of “healthy”).

For those of you (and I expect you to be in the majority) who simply cannot accept that there is any other force at work in the world other than the materially measurable forces, I will not bother to try and change your minds. I don’t care to convert anyone, and I don’t have a church or a religion to sell. If you find yourself interested in the topics I address and yet turned off by the way I phrase things, I encourage you to think of what I call “metaphysical” or “spiritual” forces as mere mundane physical forces that scientists have yet to quantify. Gravity itself was once a baffling phenomenon, but now sceintist have a reasonable grasp on how it works.

If you actually believe that science is over except for the details, and that there are literally no more forces to be encountered in the world, this probably isn’t the blog for you. If you actually believe that — whether or not you think the particular things I talk about have any validity — I’d say you are almost certainly guaranteed to be wrong. Every great scientific discovery has come as a shock to normal people. If it were already known, it wouldn’t have been such a great shock. In other words, if you A) don’t believe in the supernatural at all, and B) don’t believe that there is any room in future science for currently unexplained phenomena, then, yeah, click on to the next HuffPo article. You won’t enjoy this blog at all.

So I’m asserting some rights to talk about semi- or pseudo-supernatural phenomena here. But let me immediately temper that assertion with a couple of caveats.

First of all, I’m extremely skeptical of faux-supernatural explanations, and I would much rather explain a phenomenon by ways of conventional science than by way of voodoo. Second of all, I’m totally open to, and in fact I prefer, explanations that merge the measurable (physically measurable) with the seemingly ineffable.

Why am I so at-pains to make these points? It’s because I intend to assert some things that I feel most feeling people are cognizant of, but about which most modern people have very few mental tools to deal with. I invite readers to consider the idea that modern human rationality in the year 2013 is not actually the sum total of possible knowledge, and that past civilizations may actually have had knowledge that we currently don’t have.

If this still sounds hopelessly hippy-drippy to you, again, just click on. If it sounds at least plausible in a hypothetical way, I encourage you to keep reading a bit more. And if you are like me and you wish someone with a sound mind and a relative absence of ideological constraint would address the issue of the metaphysical when it comes to sex, I invite you keep reading. I intend, humbly, to fill that gap.

On this blog, I will talk a lot about the relationship between the body and the spirit. As a heterosexual man with a good deal of experience in sexual and non-sexual relationships with women, I will talk about both the mundane and the spiritual diffrences and interrelations between Man and Woman. I will talk about the spiritual relationship between a Man and his own body (specifically the relationship between masturbation and a man’s ability to manifest his own spiritual glory). And I will talk about how one’s view of one’s own body and spirit influences how one’s own life manifests.

I believe there is an ocean of untapped male potential out there in the Western world, and beyond. I believe that we have millions of boys who could be men. I’m one of those man-boys myself, or I probably wouldn’t feel so compelled to start this blog. I do not claim to be a guru, or even an expert. But I am smart, I am experienced, and I care. I’m mainly starting this blog for personal reasons; I hope that by being forced to articulate the ideas I have I will come to a greater understanding. But I also sincerely hope this will help some men out there, young and old. In order to make this blog truly helpful to people, I must make sure it is brutally honest. But here is a fair warning to all of you: part of my definition of “brutally honest” includes refuge to the supernatural. If you literally can’t handle this in any shape or form, okay. But if you find yourself thinking, “Okay, Dogen, maybe a bit, if it’s well-warranted and well-explained,” then I believe you will get a lot out of this blog.

I would also like to add, as a postscript, that I am not a Christian, nor am I a member of any other organized religion. I add this because many Westerners immediately bristle when they hear any non-scientific explanation of anything. I used to be like this too, and I get it. Anyway, I’m not trying to convert anyone to anything, and while I do have an agenda, in the sense that I do believe I have a kernel of truth here somewhere that others ought to understand, it’s most definitively not part of some larger organized religion. Just open your mind and keep reading. I promise it will be worth your while.

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