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People Can See Inside Your Heart

Don’t miss an updated version of this post and much more, including podcasts from Ray Coppersmith (aka Master Dogen) at my new site, The Forge Within. People can and do make snap judgments about others based off of very subtle … Continue reading

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Take Meditation Back From the Pussy-Brigade

When I was around 16 I started meditating seriously. I never drank in high school or through the first part of college because it was against the precepts of a serious meditator (as I learned them from reading dozens of … Continue reading

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Potential Value is Infinite

“What supersedes “game” is the genuine masculine energy that you share with the world. This is how everything trickles down from a POSITION OF STRENGTH. Once you realize your own inner-value, you can project it in a way that fits … Continue reading

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A Man’s Challenge

Can you be completely full of burning passion for woman and the world, while still existing apart, on your own terms, dispassionate and serene? Can you carry a bowl of oil, filled to the brim, without spilling a drop?

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Staying up all night, smoking, drinking and doing drugs is bad for your health. But there are differing degrees. Not all “unhealthy” nights are created equal. Night #1: I went out for drinks with a good buddy of mine. We … Continue reading

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I’ve updated the “Resources” page on this blog. You can find it at the top of the page. Everything I link to on the right-hand sidebar is good stuff. But some of it requires a caveat. For both caveats and … Continue reading

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Breaking Out of the Hipster Trap

Steven Kurutz in the New York Times complains about how hard it is to be a non-hipster. I certainly understand what he’s talking about. He starts off by pointing out that almost all of male fashion looks hipster-y for a … Continue reading

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