My manosphere handle has been “Master Dogen” for about five years now. You may have seen me post under this name on various blogs and forums.

I chose the name Master Dogen more or less on a whim one day. The original Dogen was a Zen Master in 13th century Japan. I’m not a Japan-o-phile and I wouldn’t call myself “Zen” either. But I read a lot and upon reading what Dogen had to say, I was quite taken. I adopted that name online on a whim, as I said, and I’ve stuck with it partially out of convenience and partially because I believe Dogen’s philosophy (and that of other early Zen masters) is uniquely true, and true in a way that’s uniquely useful to our modern world.

My primary interests on this blog are girls, masculinity, literature, and philosophy. I’ve been strongly influenced by “manosphere” icons like the original Roissy, Mystery, Roosh, and Xsplat, among others. I don’t agree with everything those men have written, naturally, but I owe them all a debt of gratitude.

Old posts: I was co-blogger, along with “11 minutes,” at the old blog Alpha Status. That blog belonged to “11 minutes” well before me, and he kindly took me along as a co-blogger after we discovered we had similar interests. All the posts in the archives that pre-date August 2013 are re-blogged from that earlier blog I co-maintained.

I have only re-blogged here the posts from that old blog that have continued relevance for me. I did not include any posts from “11 minutes” on this blog, and I also didn’t include many of my own old posts which I no longer find relevant. I’m not ashamed of anything I wrote there, and if you’re interested in all of it, you can follow the link to find the complete archives.

Most of what I eliminated in transferring the blog to this new page are posts that were in some way bitter or recriminative. I don’t think my old posts are wrong, per se, I just find them kind of useless now.

New posts: The “new” Master Dogen insights begin with the August 2013 posts. My primary interests remain the same, but it starts with a series of posts about the benefits of not jizzing (mainly but not only through not masturbating). There are some good blogs out there by guys who understand game, and some of them address the NoFap philosophy from time to time. There are also some excellent non-game-aware resources for guys who want to stop masturbating. But I perceived a gap between the two worlds.

This blog is from the perspective of a man who has good success with women, and who also is interested in spirituality.

Comments: I have no patience for passive-aggressiveness, keyboard jockeys, or paper alphas. All are welcome to try commenting here, and I get a lot out of reading the comments, and will try to respond as honestly and thoroughly as I can. But if you find yourself moderated or “silenced,” too bad for you. It’s a big internet out there. You can comment a million other places.

Women: Women are welcome to read and comment. You will be held to the same standards that I hold the men to. If you can’t handle that, again, it’s a big internet out there. Go somewhere else.


2 Responses to About

  1. K-hole says:

    Good to see you writing again, Dogen. Alpha-Status hugely influenced the way I think and act. You managed to fuse sex and philosophy in an amazing way and I was fortunate to read it at an age (22 or so) where it profoundly affected me. I am presently at a point in my life where I’ve decided to stop wanking (I managed to go a month without and the relapsed), slummin’ it, and otherwise giving into my jizzing addiction. I discovered you were blogging again right after blowing a load into a towel and promising myself I would stop. The link to this site from your twitter was the first non-porn tab I opened after cleaning myself up. Happy coincidence. I also recently gave up my faith in strict materialism. Funny how shit comes together sometimes.

    Thanks for everything, brother.


    • Master Dogen says:

      Thanks K. That means a lot. Good luck on your quest. Remember that you will almost certainly slip up a few times at the beginning. It’s better to have a 75% success rate with a few slip-ups; than it is to aim for 100%, slip up once, get frustrated, and return to 0% success.

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