Potential Value is Infinite

“What supersedes “game” is the genuine masculine energy that you share with the world. This is how everything trickles down from a POSITION OF STRENGTH. Once you realize your own inner-value, you can project it in a way that fits your true self… After all, the number of styles within the game are as limitless as the cosmos itself.”

Mister Infinite

One of the problems about studying social dynamics is that you can mistake ideas that are generally applicable to humans for ideas that are universally true.

Take the idea of Conservation of Status. This is the idea that status competitions are a zero-sum game. This is generally true in all social groups, whether as large as nations or as small as three friends having a beer. There can be only one President of the United States, and clichés like “The people are the boss! We’re all equally powerful since we all get one voite” are just different ways of saying we are all equally powerless. When a new president is elected, the old one doesn’t stick around in office, he steps down. You can’t have two. Status is conserved.

Likewise in smaller social groups, the higher one person’s status goes, the lower that of those around him. When everyone has the same goal, this isn’t generally a problem. People are happy to submit themselves to the high-status leader, giving up some of their own striving in order to follow the leader. When goals diverge (and they always do, on some level), there is a constant and subtle jockeying for status. This is easiest to observe when the circumstances of the group suddenly change. For example, three males sharing a drink and watching a game on TV might enter into an (unspoken) arrangement by which they all suspend status competition and share equally for a while. (In fact, this is something that men love to do, but which is more and more disallowed in modern culture). However, introduce a sexy young woman into the group, and the temporary status-truce is broken. No matter how much goodwill the three men have for each other, they will immediately re-form a status hierarchy and begin jockeying for position within it.

However, though these tendencies are basically universal in human societies, and the principles are more-or-less unaltering, it does not mean that this idea is a complete and 100% accurate description of ultimate reality.

There are sources of value that can be tapped infinitely. It might be true, in a petty way, that you cannot increase your status without a corresponding decrease in the someone else’s status. However, you can increase your value essentially infinitely. You increase your value by any one of a million ways, but one great test to see how you are doing is to see if you are increasing the value and happiness of the people around you.

You can radiate love, energy, power, and happiness into the world around you without causing any disruption in the status hierarchy.

Value is not a zero-sum game. Discovering this made me truly crave spiritual practice and discipline for the first time in my life.

I used to meditate because I felt I “should,” because it was “good for me.” Even though this is a pretty crappy motivation, the results I got from it were still amazing enough that I kept at it long enough to become pretty good. Still it was a struggle to keep my practice consistent for the same reason it’s difficult to get a child to voluntarily take his medicine. I had framed it as a chore.

Now I feel I get to meditate. Like I’m lucky. I envision myself pulling the Universal Light (the Love of God, if you prefer) into my body with the in-breath, and then exuding it physically into the world from my pores on the out-breath. The in-breath is the accessing of the subtle potential positive energy that exists at all times (but is not currently being fully tapped on the existential plane), and the out-breath is the manifestation of the energy by means of my own mind, body, and intentionality.

If I’m around other people (out and about) and feeling like doing a brief, secret exercise, I breathe in with the same idea, but I breathe out more specifically, directing the love energy into the people near me, specifically. I envision a flare of sun-like energy lighting up their bodies from the heart up to the eyes and above the head. I imagine that as a result of even being near me for that little secret meditation, they will have a more positive, happier day.

Since the energy that I am tapping into is infinite, this can be done infinitely.

It’s like the idea of the money economy. Scarcity theories like naive Communism assume that wealth is finite, and if one person is wealthy, then all the others must be poor. Classical capitalism on the other hand realizes that the process of generating wealth benefits many people at once. In the process of becoming extremely rich, business creators also make everyone around them moderately more rich.

That’s why during the Cold War, America’s “poor” lived wealthier, more-comfortable lifestyles than almost anyone in the Soviet Union.

Unhappy, tight-minded, bitter people feel like if they give positive energy out into the universe, they will have less themselves. They’re the Soviets of positive energy, jealously guarding every little scrap and scrabbling and arguing over their distribution.

The entrepreneur of positive energy (to put it in a clumsy and vulgar way), draws deep within himself for entirely new stores of light, energy and value, and freely pours those love-photons out into the world. He becomes much happier himself as a result, and the people around him become happier too.

So just because the idea of Conservation of Status (status-hierarchies as a zero-sum game) is a powerful and accurate way of describing many human interactions, don’t let it blind you to other realities about the universe. It’s just a model, not some iron law written in the very bones of the universe itself.

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4 Responses to Potential Value is Infinite

  1. Great post. One’s mental outlook ultimately draws you towards correlating externalities due to the equilibrial nature of the universe. Ever since I internalized the abundant mentality, I have been fulfilled in a way that I didn’t even know was possible. Hoarding wealth/resources only reinforces scarcity, and your quality of life/consciousness will needlessly suffer as a result. The key is proper investment.

    • Master Dogen says:

      Thanks. Yes, a lot of stuff that’s more or less infinite, like wealth and value and love, people try to hoard. Then they waste freely the one thing that is totally irreplaceable: time.

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