Clicks and Pops: Due to Masturbation

If you stop masturbating, you will quickly find your body to be more nimble, fluid, and flexible. This is one of the fastest results you can get from refraining from masturbation, and when you try out “retention of the jing” for a few days, you will find this to be true. And though it’s a relatively minor thing, it’s the kind of small thing that can give you motivation to try a longer period of jing retention, just to see if some of the more extravagant claims are true.

The body is more-or-less fluid when stretching, when moving after a long period of stillness, upon waking, after eating, and in other similar situations. Even after a long period of physical exertion, such as after a football game or 10k race or just dancing for a couple of hours, our bodies can show differing degrees of flexibility.

Weight lifting, proper diet, and yes, stretching (like yoga) can improve the flexibility of your joints, tendons and muscles. But another very surprising factor is the degree to which you lose the jing.

There are varying degrees at play here. Flexibility and nimbleness is not an on/off switch. The subtlety of the body is why most men do not notice the slow changes. If you are a young man (say, 21) and you are physically active, you will not notice a strong difference in flexibility from one day to the next, regardless of whether you spill the jing or not.

Young men in their late teens and early twenties may not notice a difference, though some may. Personally, I’ve always had a minor little click in the big toe of my right foot, for as long as I can remember. Even now, as I type this, I can point my right foot sharply and then raise my toes to produce a small, audible click in my right big toe. I’ve never had any pains or problems in my feet, left or right, even when I was at my most athletically active. When I retain the jing and meditate, this click doesn’t go away. But neither does it ever really interfere with my overall comfort or flexibility.

At the other extreme end, picture an elderly man who needs help standing and sitting. You can sense a certain dryness in his motions, and on occasion you can even hear his bones cracking as he performs very simple, normal motions such as sitting and standing and walking. Even old men with relatively large muscles remaining can be suscept to such dryness in the joints.

Let’s look at a man between youth and old-age, such as myself. I’m in my mid-thirties. I’m certainly not a teenager anymore, but I’m not old by any means. When I retain the jing and meditate, I find that, very quickly (within a few days), I am much more spry and flexible.

I am old enough that I get stiffness in my lower back, my shoulders, my knees, and even my face. (The face will get its own dedicated post.) When I am living what’s considered a “normal” life these days — ejaculating a few times a week, whether through masturbation or with a woman — these minor annoyances seem to crop up more and more.

Contrast that with the times that I retain the jing — times that I refrain from masturbation when not getting laid, and even refrain from coming with the women I fuck when I am getting laid. Very quickly, I find that my spine becomes more fluid. I sit taller and stand taller without trying. It’s like my shoulders just hang more loosely (even though I lift a lot and my shoulders are pretty well-muscled). My lower back is free and comfortable; I don’t even think about my lower back at all, I just move.

My tiny little right-toe click seems to never go away, but I have other “clicks” that I have come to know well. One is in my left hip flexor. Upon standing up from a supine position (laying on the couch), my left hip socket pops quite noticeably. Though it’s not audible to others, I can feel and “hear” it very clearly. Likewise, I’m a big believer in strong posture, and when I work at my computer for long periods (on my Swopper chair), I sometimes remind myself to sit up straight and pull my shoulders back. If I have been retaining the jing and meditating, I feel a pleasant pull in the muscles of the shoulders, neck and upper back. If I have been coming a lot recently, upon performing the same motion my collarbone, sternum and neck bones will crack. The crack is actually kind of pleasant, but it’s not as pleasant as the mild muscle-stretching feeling I get when I’ve been “celibate.”

The jing (in rough, inaccurate, and vulgar terms: the semen) is much stronger and vital in a man the younger he is. Once puberty is fully completed, the jing is as full as it will ever get. A young man can masturbate 5 times in 30 hours and still have relatively full jing. The older you get, the lower your overall jing level becomes. Once you pass your mid-to-late twenties, you can no longer ejaculate constantly and expect to not feel any adverse effects.

The good news, for guys my age anyway, is that you can quickly recover lost youth by retaining the jing. As I said, just five days or so of jing-retention is enough to make my hip-pop and torso-cracks go away. With two weeks or more of abstinence, at my age, my body feels as supple and flexible as it did when I was 21. The difference is that 21-year-old me was supple no matter what. 30-something me must retain the jing if I want to move like a young man.

These things are variable, but still linear. The older you get, the less jing you will naturally generate long term. But on a day-to-day, week-to-week basis, you can make your body much more supple and fluid by retaining the jing and meditating. So that a 52-year-old with a long history of careful retention and meditation can be more vibrant and supple than a 29-year-old who masturbates two or three times a day.

If you are very young, this particular benefit of retaining the jing won’t help you much — now. But regardless of your age (even if you are 17), you will benefit in your older years if you practice discipline now. And if you are already at the age that the natural jing has begun to slowly decline from its post-pubescent peak (like me, in my mid-30’s), you can get a very rapid increase in your overall flexibility and suppleness from just a few days of jing retention.

If you want to be springy, spry, energetic, and flexible, long-term, the best thing you can do is not ejaculate. It’s also important to build your musculature and associated muscular ligaments through weight training. A diet with a good balance of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fats is very important too (almost all Western people need more Omega-3 and less Omega-6 in their diet, but that doesn’t mean that Omega-3 is “better”, it just means that almost certainly you need more of that one and less of Omega-6 — even those of us with an accute awareness of this typical imbalance have a hard time getting enough Omega-3). Yoga, stretching, and qi-gong will also make you a lot more flexible overall.

But if you deny the body its natural lubricant — the jing — your body will inevitably become dry and brittle, and you will crack like broken autumn leaves far before your time.

Your jing — your semen — contains the most natural lubricant your body can make. The more it builds up in your system, the more your system will run smoothly and beautifully. Every time you ejaculate, it’s like puncturing the oil pan of your car for a moment and letting some of the oil leak out. If your car is new and has barely any miles on it, you can keep driving for a long time and barely notice the difference — though eventually that shit is going to seize up and break down. And if you’re over 26 or 27 and have been ejaculating constantly your whole life, you’re already driving a car with 100,000 miles on it. Every time you de-lubricate the engine, you are causing serious damage to the engine.

The good news is that no matter how old you are, you can fix the leak and put fresh oil in your car simply by retaining the jing. The older you are, the more you have jacked off, the more miles on you car: the further you are away from youthful spryness. But those high-mileage engines are exactly the ones that will rebound the strongest from the infusion of oil that comes from retention of the jing (and meditation).

If you are in your late 20’s, in your 30’s, or in your early 40’s, just five or six days of jing-retention will give you amazing results in flexibilty and disappearance of “cracks” and “pops.” Many of the good results you can get from jing retention take several weeks or months, but this one can be enjoyed in less than a week, and feeling the benefits that result just might spark the curiosity and courage it will take to try a longer period. You certainly will not regret the trial; I guarantee that much.

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