If You Are a Strict Materialist, Do Not Read This Blog: A Mini-Manifesto

As I continue to talk about sex, manliness, game, and life on this blog, I am going to use some terms that are problematic for a lot of readers. Simply put, I believe in metaphysical reality, by which I mean I believe that there are aspects to human life that cannot be measured by current science but which are nonetheless completely real and which greatly and deeply influence everyday life.

In practice, and in most of my posts, these will be relatively non-controversial assertions; such as the assertion that when you have eaten and slept well, when you haven’t ejaculated in a long time, and when you have done some sort of practice to center your mind (deep reading, prayer, meditation, etc), you will feel happier and more energetic and people will actually notice this and comment on it. As I say, this particular assertion is not very controversial. Almost everyone reading this will have a personal reference to see why at least some of it is true.

But what I plan to assert is something that will rub strict materialists the wrong way: I plan to assert that the reason people comment on your “good vibe” when you’re well-rested, well-fed, and continent sexually is because you are actually projecting more positive psychic and spiritual energy into the world as a result of your sane actions (sane in the old sense of “healthy”).

For those of you (and I expect you to be in the majority) who simply cannot accept that there is any other force at work in the world other than the materially measurable forces, I will not bother to try and change your minds. I don’t care to convert anyone, and I don’t have a church or a religion to sell. If you find yourself interested in the topics I address and yet turned off by the way I phrase things, I encourage you to think of what I call “metaphysical” or “spiritual” forces as mere mundane physical forces that scientists have yet to quantify. Gravity itself was once a baffling phenomenon, but now sceintist have a reasonable grasp on how it works.

If you actually believe that science is over except for the details, and that there are literally no more forces to be encountered in the world, this probably isn’t the blog for you. If you actually believe that — whether or not you think the particular things I talk about have any validity — I’d say you are almost certainly guaranteed to be wrong. Every great scientific discovery has come as a shock to normal people. If it were already known, it wouldn’t have been such a great shock. In other words, if you A) don’t believe in the supernatural at all, and B) don’t believe that there is any room in future science for currently unexplained phenomena, then, yeah, click on to the next HuffPo article. You won’t enjoy this blog at all.

So I’m asserting some rights to talk about semi- or pseudo-supernatural phenomena here. But let me immediately temper that assertion with a couple of caveats.

First of all, I’m extremely skeptical of faux-supernatural explanations, and I would much rather explain a phenomenon by ways of conventional science than by way of voodoo. Second of all, I’m totally open to, and in fact I prefer, explanations that merge the measurable (physically measurable) with the seemingly ineffable.

Why am I so at-pains to make these points? It’s because I intend to assert some things that I feel most feeling people are cognizant of, but about which most modern people have very few mental tools to deal with. I invite readers to consider the idea that modern human rationality in the year 2013 is not actually the sum total of possible knowledge, and that past civilizations may actually have had knowledge that we currently don’t have.

If this still sounds hopelessly hippy-drippy to you, again, just click on. If it sounds at least plausible in a hypothetical way, I encourage you to keep reading a bit more. And if you are like me and you wish someone with a sound mind and a relative absence of ideological constraint would address the issue of the metaphysical when it comes to sex, I invite you keep reading. I intend, humbly, to fill that gap.

On this blog, I will talk a lot about the relationship between the body and the spirit. As a heterosexual man with a good deal of experience in sexual and non-sexual relationships with women, I will talk about both the mundane and the spiritual diffrences and interrelations between Man and Woman. I will talk about the spiritual relationship between a Man and his own body (specifically the relationship between masturbation and a man’s ability to manifest his own spiritual glory). And I will talk about how one’s view of one’s own body and spirit influences how one’s own life manifests.

I believe there is an ocean of untapped male potential out there in the Western world, and beyond. I believe that we have millions of boys who could be men. I’m one of those man-boys myself, or I probably wouldn’t feel so compelled to start this blog. I do not claim to be a guru, or even an expert. But I am smart, I am experienced, and I care. I’m mainly starting this blog for personal reasons; I hope that by being forced to articulate the ideas I have I will come to a greater understanding. But I also sincerely hope this will help some men out there, young and old. In order to make this blog truly helpful to people, I must make sure it is brutally honest. But here is a fair warning to all of you: part of my definition of “brutally honest” includes refuge to the supernatural. If you literally can’t handle this in any shape or form, okay. But if you find yourself thinking, “Okay, Dogen, maybe a bit, if it’s well-warranted and well-explained,” then I believe you will get a lot out of this blog.

I would also like to add, as a postscript, that I am not a Christian, nor am I a member of any other organized religion. I add this because many Westerners immediately bristle when they hear any non-scientific explanation of anything. I used to be like this too, and I get it. Anyway, I’m not trying to convert anyone to anything, and while I do have an agenda, in the sense that I do believe I have a kernel of truth here somewhere that others ought to understand, it’s most definitively not part of some larger organized religion. Just open your mind and keep reading. I promise it will be worth your while.

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