What Is This?

This is not my first blog. I’ve had three anonymous blogs before, two of which were relatively popular for a while. I also have some abortions that are still floating out there somewhere in the cyber-wastelands (like most bloggers). I also have two professional blogs, one of which is still alive and generating traffic (those ones will remain private). So I’m not new to blogging.

Why a new blog? Basically, I wanted to keep talking about topics that matter to me. I’m not the same man who posted as Master Dogen at the old Alpha Status blog, but I’m not an entirely different person either. In the interest of at least partial disclosure, I’ve linked to those older posts here. But the topics I’m interested in writing about here, while related, are different.

So here you have it: this is indeed another “red pill” blog, in the sense that I’m anti-feminist, anti-anti-racist, and anti-progressive. I’m interested in game, in radical neoreactionary politics, and in reclaiming true masculinity. I’m also attracted to rational discourse, and I am willing to gather allies wherever they come from, whether it’s the hard Marxist Left or the Genghis Khan Right. What I don’t care for is mealy-mouthed centrism or general bitch-ness.

Despite the aggressive tone just now, I do believe in civil discourse. I intend to be relatively radical with this blog (at least by contemporary standards). People are free to use curse words in the comments or otherwise be brash. But stupidity will not be tolerated. I reserve the right to moderate the comments at will. I will probably write some high-minded stuff one day, to be followed by some gutter trash thoughts the next. If it gets me closer to the truth, I’m happy.

The first topic for this blog will be the relationship between masculine energy as it manifests in the observable world (sex, game, girls, business, power) and masculine energy as it exists, grows or diminishes on a spiritual level (spirit, soul, energy, personal power, wisdom). I’m also interested in reactionary power structures, race realism, gender realism, literature, art, architecture, and the Classical World in general. I intend to criticize modernity as I see fit, but I also intend to avoid bitterness and anger. Commenters are welcome to express any viewpoint, and criticisms of my own thoughts and views are especially welcome. However, stupidity and general noobness will be either ignored, or if it reaches the level of trolling (i.e. if it rises to the level of me actually noticing it as such) will be promptly banished without explanation or apology.

My plan for the first couple of weeks is to address the relationship between masturbation and happiness. From there, I will keep addressing whatever ideas interest me most. I’m writing such a long introduction because I hope to keep this blog up and running for a while. I’ve started a few of the previously mentioned abortions in the last year, and I think I would have something to gain by getting a nice dialog going here.

With that, I thank you for reading, and I welcome you to comment.

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