Maturbation Makes You Weak

Masturbating is not evil. It won’t send you to Hell. It’s perfectly natural, and it feels awesome. If you told me you literally never masturbated, I would call you a liar. If you somehow convinced me that it was the truth, I’d think you were a freak. Every man masturbates. Almost every woman masturbates too. There’s nothing wrong with masturbating.

Masturbating is evil. It will make your life a living Hell. It’s totally unnatural, and it makes you feel horrible. If you told me you don’t masturbate anymore, I would be inclined to call you a liar. But if you somehow convinced me that it was the truth, I’d think you were a hero. Every weak man masturbates. Women… well, I’ll get to that. There is everything wrong with masturbating.

This will require a long series of posts to prove, but let me just lay out right now what I intend to prove on this blog: there is such a thing as manly essence, and it does have something to do with your semen. It’s not only semen, but semen is a huge part of it. Spilling your semen makes you less of a man. Even when you spill your semen into the vagina of a hot girl, spilling your semen saps your manhood. That doesn’t make it wrong, but you should know what you’re doing. Every single spiritual tradition that has anything to say about sex says this same thing. Jacking off is bad. There are two possibilities. 1) All traditions leading up to 1960’s Western society were deluded and we somehow finally, miraculously got it right for the first time in human history, or 2) Post-1960’s Western ideas about masturbation are delusional and actually the rest of human history kinda knew what they were talking about.

The problem for most people these days is that they think that there are only two possible stances. Either you’re “normal” and you jerk off merrily all day long, or else you are an oppressed religious freak who doesn’t know how to have a good time. I expect that anyone reading this has already been introduced to the idea that abstaining from masturbation can be salutary. There are a lot of manosphere blogs, even the RooshV forum, that have mentioned this. So hopefully we can move beyond that dichotomy. If this happens to be the first time that a non-Christian, non-anal person suggested to you that refraining from masturbation is a good idea, I hope you will keep an open mind and continue reading my future posts.

What about sex? Sex is awesome, especially with a truly hot girl. Guess what? That still saps your manliness overall. In certain ways, of course, it increases your manliness, by the amazing feelings it gives you, the pleasure, the glorious feeling of having conquered a hot girl, the swapping of sweat, the wallowing in her delicious pheromones, etc. But if you ejaculated, you did lose a tiny little bit of your total store of manliness. That’s okay. That’s good! But the fact that it’s good does not negate that it happened.

Imagine you’re driving your car, a manual transmission. You have complete control over how high the RPM’s get. You can let them get to zero if you want, though your car will stall. And you can sit there in neutral and pump the accelerator and get the RPM’s up to 9000 if you really wanted to. But you won’t go anywhere. Even if you put the car in gear, revving that high will just burn out your engine in the long run, or perhaps very quickly. You’re just overheating things, taxing the radiator, burning oil, and burning fuel

Every time you come, you’re redlining it. Now, when you drive in real life, you basically never need to redline your car. In everyday life, redlining is an extreme situation. Now, if it means that by redlining the car in 4th or 5th gear, you can win a big race, then do it. If you’re fucking a really hot girl, go for it. But if you all you are doing with your car is driving to work, redlining the car is a supremely dumb thing to do. Your engine will get weaker, not stronger. And when the race comes around, you are less able, not more able, to perform your best.

So, I’m not telling men that they should never come. But I am saying that it’s a bad idea to come, and that bad idea better be countered by much bigger benefits. The benefits of fucking a hot girls are pretty extreme. It’s about as good as it gets on the sensual plane. Damn nice.

But coming all alone in your room, with your hand and your computer… that’s not winning anything. That’s just ruining your engine because you’re too weak to do any better.

I would venture that about 85% of men under 30 in the Western world, and probably at least 50% of them over that age, are addicted to masturbation. In the future, that over-30 percentage will grow and grow as the current youngsters get older and continue doing the same shit they always did: jerk off on their computers. For now, I’m just introducing the idea that maybe that’s a bad thing. In future posts, I will show how masturbation repels women, how it crushes your spirit, and how it prevents you from shining brightly as you were meant to do.

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