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Stealth One-itis

Once I talked to a really cute girl at a grocery store. She was my checker, and I had a lot of items, a random assortment of truly odd things I was buying. I was buying them for an unusual … Continue reading

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Little Glories

… or part two of Being Comfortable With Women. Thalia, my lesbian roommate, knocked on my door late one night. It was nothing unusual. She seemed a little drunk. She had just come home from being out with friends, and … Continue reading

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Being Comfortable With Women Pt 1: just me and the cat

After last week’s little tragedy, a palate cleanser for y’all. One of the most important things for a man to be able to do is to turn off the inner pussy-calculator. That is, turn off the horndog and interact with … Continue reading

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Being Comfortable With Women Pt 1.5: A digression on hair

In my last post, I promised a post called “Little Triumphs.” But I realize that that’s a little too militaristic for my sentiments. And it’s my freaking blog. So we’re calling this “Little Glories” instead. Actually, we’re calling it a … Continue reading

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First Principles

I hadn’t written anything about sex for public consumption in a long time. When I posted something last weekend, I was happy to see it got an immediate response. People always appreciate well-written, thoughtful commentary on the issues they are … Continue reading

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When a girl perceives that you are out of her league, she requires a different approach. This perception could be accurate (you simply will never be attracted to her or interested in her in any way), or it could only … Continue reading

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Little Tragedies

A few years ago I had a position for a local company that involved training the employees of our clients. I hate being so vague, but you know, anonymity. Most of the people I trained were pretty young. Once I … Continue reading

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