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Strange Taste (by Master Dogen)

Speaking of hookers… What’s up with some guys? Everyone has different tastes, and that’s cool. Regular readers of my war stories on this blog may have noticed that not a lot of them feature white girls. Mostly this is becausemost … Continue reading

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Dogen’s Special Little Hooker, Part 2

What’s up, America? I’m drinking a Coke and smoking Marlboros in Africa. God bless the USA. I’m also fighting off a little of Shaka Zulu’s Revenge, unfortunately. Too much spicy goat meat. I wrote here a few posts back about … Continue reading

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Real Women (by Master Dogen)

[The following post was sent to me by Master Dogen from Ethiopia with a brief note that our blog is blocked at the place where he is staying. This is his text as sent plus a picture of Miss Ethiopia … Continue reading

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