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The Alpha Poet

Meet Frederick Seidel. Fred is a poet. Fred is very, very wealthy. But I couldn’t tell you how Fred got his money, because Fred doesn’t go bleating all over the media about these things. Fred is discreet, you see; he’s … Continue reading

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"Pull My Hair… Please"

Another little war story: Juana is about the most SWPL girl I have ever met, which is ironic because she’s not even “W”. She’s a 3rd-generation Mexican-American from California. But she used to work at the Apple Store, for God’s … Continue reading

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True Romanticism

It occurred to me today that my philosophy when it comes to men and women is essentially romantic. I don’t mean that in the romance-novel, chick-flick sense of the word, but in the John Keats, William Blake sense. Against my … Continue reading

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So What, Then?

This is the last post in the series that includes The Master and the Slave, Fuck Being a Fucking Pussy, and The Two Kinds of Assholes. Mr. Berme was a Vietnam veteran, and a teacher of philosophy. In my last … Continue reading

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The Two Kinds of Assholes

This post is a follow-up to The Master and the Slave and Fuck Being a Fucking Pussy There are two kinds of assholes: Weak assholes and strong assholes. Weak assholes are weak men. They come at the world from a … Continue reading

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Fuck Being a Fucking Pussy

In the last post, we saw how Nietzsche drew a sharp distinction between “Master morality” and “Slave morality.” To sum up, Master morality pits the obvious Good against the obvious Bad (i.e. the beautiful is superior to the hideous). On … Continue reading

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The Master and the Slave

“We shall wreak our vengeance and abuse on all whose equals we are not”—thus do the tarantula-hearts vow. “And ‘will to equality’ shall henceforth be the name for virtue; and against all that has power we want to raise our … Continue reading

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