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Kylie Wanted to be Choked

I hope everyone’s not tired of me telling war stories, cause I am having fun doing it. I met this girl named Kylie. She was Korean-American, East Coast-born, and not a shy nerdy Asian girl at all. She gave off … Continue reading

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Cut Your Losses; She’s Just Another Bitch

If you want to be with a lot of women, you have to date a lot of women. Many PUA’s on the web like to brag about their one-night F-closes. I’ve been there too, and I wouldn’t ever deny that … Continue reading

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"War by Beta-light"

This story is from a book called “War by Betalight”… er, I’m sorry, that’s “War by Candlelight,” by Daniel Alarcón. I started this story while sitting on the can, and gave up after only two paragraphs! Can you tell why? … Continue reading

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The Saddest Thing a Girl Has Ever Told Me After Sex

“This is the saddest story I have ever heard.”—Ford Madox Ford Back in my bartending days, I used to be pretty good at gaging which girls I was going eventually to sleep with, which ones would be wasted effort, and … Continue reading

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Shakespeare Game

Don’t Give in to a Woman’s Wishes, or She Will Be Your Undoing. It’s a truism and a cliché to say that Shakespeare understood and articulated things about human nature better than any writer before or since. This is a … Continue reading

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