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Spoiled Little Rich Girls

In New York City it’s common to meet spoiled little rich girls. I’ve met a few since I’ve been here, and like anyone they can be pleasant enough in mixed company. But once I had the strange experience of nailing … Continue reading

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Dick in a Box vs Jizz in My Pants

Before anyone accuses me of taking comedy too seriously, let me say that this is a somewhat jokey post. But on one level, of course, I’m kinda serious. Both “Dick in a Box” and “Jizz in My Pants” are absurdist … Continue reading

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Funny = Good Sperm

If there is anything approaching a universal when it comes to women’s taste in men, it’s that they almost always say they want a guy with a “sense of humor,” sometimes alternately phrased, “a guy who knows how to have … Continue reading

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